State farm - What is it like to work for them?

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State farm
Total Number of Contributors : 7
Total Overall Rating : starstar half 1.99/5
First Rating was on : 27 Jan 16
Most Recent Rating was on : 09 Sep 17


Micromanagement, managers do not care about their employees and they only care about their production numbers. Quality employees are leaving because state State Farm now cares more about quantity over quality. 04 Nov 16 starstarstar half

It's a good company to work for, I just hate the micromanagement and nitpicking in my department. No matter what you do they will find something to complain about. 31 May 16 starstarstar half

Terrible morale, expected production numbers are unattainable. Goal is only production numbers, about 35% of which don't get credit for but must be worked. Customer service is getting bad because everyone is rushed and stressed. People can't wait to retire and are leaving in droves. Company seems to want to get rid of longterm staff to replace with cheap new hires. The new hires from a year or so ago have mostly quit. Can't wait to get out. 27 Jan 16 starstarstar half

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