St Crispin Living Community- Benedictine Health System - What is it like to work for them?

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St Crispin Living Community- Benedictine Health System
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This is an employer I would not refer anyone to. There have been frequent management changes, which in turn, changes the rules without notice. There have been 3 Directors of Nursing since April 2015, it is July 2015 as I write this. At this facility there is never enough help, which is common in healthcare, but not to this extreme.

This company heavily relies on using their Mandate policy, which means maybe half the time, you will be forced to stay past your scheduled shift to do the next shift(nursing), or an extra 4-hours(CNA/NAR). This is due to frequent call-ins, employees walking off the job abruptly, or no call-show situations. If you are not able to stay when mandated, you will be written up. There is total lack of professionalism. For example, if for some reason you are written up, in no time, the entire building will know. The managers tell everything. There is a huge problem with gossip. This also makes the environment ripe for instances of bullying. The management (not including the newest DON) seems to have long term friendships with certain staff members.

You are not able to speak, or report as you should. If you do, you will be shunned and belittled. There is very little training, and if you should have a question, you will most likely be made to feel incompetent, and as if your are irritating your manager. I have seen this happen many many times to new nurses and CNA/NARs that have been hired. Most quit shortly after hire. The root of this problem seems to lie with the scheduler and a few certain nurses, followed by lack of action by higher ups who appear to be long time friends of the offenders, or completely blind to what's really happening.. I have seen situations in which employees are asked to work open shifts, and when unable, are then denied open shifts they are available for out of spite. This is very unprofessional, and has caused undue stress to those later mandated for the very shift others attempted to fill.

You will typically receive 2-3 texts per day requesting you to work your day off, sometimes even texts begging after you say you cannot work. It wouldn't be so bad if you weren't taking a risk by saying no. It is understandable that the shifts need to be filled. Most of the nurses have the "eat your young" mindset, whereas no other nurse, especially younger or newly graduated, can do any job to their standard. Often times critical care tasks are done incorrectly, or not at all, putting clients at risk. There is retaliation that goes unchecked.

They were recently looked at by the state during a yearly review and found to be understaffed to a dangerous degree. They paid for upper management to attend NAR/CNA classes so they will appear as if they have staff.

Those staff that took those classes are never utilized when understaffed.

They will though, quickly "help out" when there is a unannounced visit by the state of Mn. They have been reported many times to Mn state regulators and somehow pull it together temporarily.
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