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Sossner Steel Stamps
Total Number of Contributors : 3
Total Overall Rating : starstarstar half 2.60/5
First Rating was on : 13 Mar 15
Most Recent Rating was on : 23 Oct 16


The previous review pretty much sums it up. You will NOT advance there or make any decent living. Poor insurance, benefits, and pay. I wouldn't recommend to anyone. They should give gold stars to anyone who lasts more than a year. They pay is way below what the jobs are worth especially any job in the shop. Just keep looking. 24 Mar 15 starstar half

The owner is a drug addict who is in and out of prison. He is very hostile and unprofessional. The General Manager is hateful all the time and likes to scream at the employees especially women. Both the owner and the general manager are very aggressive toward women. The office manager is the stupidest person I have ever met in my entire life. I don't know how she weaseled her way into the position she has. She makes several mistakes and pins them on other office or shop employees to keep herself out of the hot seat. Most of the employees are family of the GM and head accountant. Those people are SAFE! But anyone else is on the chopping block. The environment is so hostile that some employees was having anxiety attacks at one time. IF you take a sales job beware. They only want to give you 5% commission on cold contact customers that you bring in and they WILL NOT get the order out on time it WILL BE three to four weeks latter than promised and you will be the one getting the bad wrap. You will constantly have to lie to your customers about the status of their order because the truth is someone in the shop didn't pay attention. Because they do NOT hire qualified people, they hire people that will work for minimum wage for years on end for a job that is worth at least twenty bucks an hour and they will just keep stacking responsibilities against you and you WILL NOT get a raise. If you don't get "cold call sales" the GM will tell you to CRAWL up someone's ass!!!!! I mean really grow up! You can't expect someone to hold a gun to a persons head and quite frankly after their order is wrong or late so many times of course they will seek out another vendor. They have no HR structure either...and nothing is cut and far the absolute WORST place I have ever worked. I learned really FAST to run as fast as I could to any other means of employment. They are lucky someone hasn't sued them. The insurance is also a joke! Won't pay for anything. You will spend more in insurance and OOPC than what you make in a year! I would stay far away! Worst place in town to work...I wish I would have known about the wrap it had before I took the job. The worst part is the few salary and high hourly rate people that do work there never work an 8 hour day but they never use sick time for their 4 hour lunch breaks. Just a shitty place to work! 13 Mar 15 starstar half

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