Software-nation - What is it like to work for them?

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Total Number of Contributors : 4
Total Overall Rating : starstarstarstarstar half 4.90/5
First Rating was on : 17 Mar 16
Most Recent Rating was on : 28 Mar 16


Working at Software Nation has given me the possibility to really advance my programming skills. I work as a front-end developer and have been able to take part in many interesting projects. I love learning new technologies and I am able to do that at my work every day. It is great to learn new things every day and to see the websites come to life. 28 Mar 16 starstarstarstarstar half

I currently work at Software-Nation. I am an American citizen, so I didn't really know what to expect working in foreign country. I work at the Central European office. Everyone here knows great English, which is a breath of fresh air. Something that surprised me is that the living standard is substantially lower here, which means a much lower salary than I am used to in the United States. But, as far as the standard pay for the country, I am making more than most workers at other companies. We all have iMac computers, which really helps since we are a technology firm, constantly on them all day. Overall I am happy working for Software-Nation. I learn new things everyday that are going to help my business future both in Software-Nation and when I return home to the US. 24 Mar 16 starstarstarstarstar half

I came from Finland to do an international internship in the European office. I was welcomed with open arms and I easily fit into the company culture. I have been able to learn a lot and work on challenging tasks in different projects. My colleagues are always there for whatever help I might need. I come from a business background so it has been interesting to learn and get insights about the technology sector. It has been great to work in Software-Nation and I know the time spent here will benefit me in the future. 24 Mar 16 starstarstarstarstar

Last summer I did an internship for my masters with Software Nation at their European office as an SEO analyst and blogger I can honestly say it was a very pleasant experience that though me allot about how business are ran and how important an online presence is to a business. I do plan on going back after my masters or to seek out a possition in a similar industry. 17 Mar 16 starstarstarstarstar

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