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Sln Marketing Communications
Total Number of Contributors : 2
Total Overall Rating : starstar half 1.20/5
First Rating was on : 21 Jan 17
Most Recent Rating was on : 21 Mar 17


This guy is off the wall! It turns out that he has some mental issues. When he is in he is yelling at his wife on the phone, yelling at the property manager, any woman in his path tat he things he can bully. Extreamly unprofessional and toxic. Comes across as high energy, but you can't help feel like there is more going on with this guy. I worked under this bullying environment for 7 years. Jaime Leger the owner is a deceptive individual, sneaking around, telling employees to beef up numbers for his top clients like TACO Corp. and Rodgers Corp. I have since left the company and started my own. Couldn't be happier. No more of this negative, bullying. His partners are retiring and sorry to say they were the only ones that worked and knew the business. This guy will be out of business or in jail for his behavior before we know it. 21 Mar 17 starstar half

Owner is an absent owner. Never at the office. Can't balance and separate personal and business. He is absent all day and feels he can contact you 24/7. He emails in the middle of the night and expects answers in the morning. When he is in the office, he is disrespective, has no problem screaming profanities at the women. He is on edge all the time. If you're a male in the office you stand a better chance of being left alone. Work load is excessive and unrealistic. He is never upfront, he is lying and sneaking around and undermining. 21 Jan 17 starstar half

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