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Rental Beast
Total Number of Contributors : 42
Total Overall Rating : starstarstarstar half 3.54/5
First Rating was on : 11 Jun 15
Most Recent Rating was on : 06 Feb 17


Joke job. You sit around stealing listings off of Zillow and Trulia all day in a small enclosed space big enough for one person yet shared with three other people. No one talks or communicates with one another (management included) and your goal is not to help people. Oh no, your job is to please one single person Boston. The whole operation is run by a delusional cokehead who thinks stealing Zillow listings and treating those that work for him as expendable is enough to run a long and sustainable company. Would still recommend job to others just to get their money up before the Titanic sinks. 06 Feb 17 starstarstar half

stupid job with no growth potential 03 Feb 17 star

From the business model to the culture, I'm so impressed and pleased to be working here. Everything that we do is about helping tenants and landlords find the correct match! All in all, great place with supportive management, focused on building a great product and a great culture. Strong leadership from the top down. The beginning of the job is tough to get up to speed and hit your numbers; but if you listen, follow directions, and stay focused on work the job becomes very doable. It is not for everyone, as you can see from some of the negative comments from those that were not a good fit. If you get the opportunity to work here do it, but know you will have to work. The company is growing exponentially and starting this year Rental Beast now offers health benefits, 401k, quarterly bonuses, and an employee growth plan for internal advancement. 25 Jul 16 starstarstarstarstar half


The positive reviews here are written by management. The manager of the Houston office is easily manipulated. One employee in the office befriended him and is untouchable. I was fired for making less mistakes than that employee who was friends with the manager at a personal level. I asked the manager for a manual describing how to correctly enter listings and all he said was " I will consider it". Thus, I was fired for doing a job that I was not trained to do. The head QA woman in Boston will find any reason to fail you on QA. The manager knows that she is unfair and often complained about her yet will not stand up for his employess. Also, I was terminated via email at 830pm at night after he sat me down to speak about "promotion" within the company. I had zero warning that I was about to be with out a job. Pretty much what really happened was I did not keep my mouth shut when I was being failed for QA and the manager did not like that I stood up for myself. DO NOT WORK HERE!!!!!!!! You will be backstabbed, lied to and then terminated. RUN FOR THE HILLS> 09 Jul 16 starstar half

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