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Adecco / CTDI
Total Number of Contributors : 29
Total Overall Rating : starstar half 1.47/5
First Rating was on : 09 Apr 14
Most Recent Rating was on : 30 May 17


This company needs osha the fire Marshal both to visit the building unsafe and unclean safety is not an issue there when they want you to hit their numbers. Rules apply to some and favoritism runs rampant. No room for advancement even if you do a good job and give 110% as many others have said the only Pro to working here are the coworkers ! Chesapeake va 30 May 17 starstar half

VERY unprofessional to people looking to join their agency. What this company fails to realize is that the majority of people tat contact them looking for a permanent job will eventually find one. And, should their company need to hire a temporary employee, they won't use Adecco. There are better temp agencies than them. I would strongly suggest you take your talents to them! 31 Jan 17 starstar half

On my first day of working at Adecco/CTDI I was sexually harassed by two coworkers. One was a girl and the other a guy. The guy put his arm around my shoulder even after I told him to remove it. He wanted to take me out on a date and buy me sexy clothes to show me off. He then put his hand in the pocket of my jeans with his phone number on it. The girl was a lesbian and told the other lesbians I was her territory. I went to the CTDI floor supervisor after this took place. I didn't go back to work the second day due to feeling scared and anxious. When I returned to work I immediately went to an Adecco manager to discuss what had happened and his solution was to send me home for the day to keep me safe until they could figure out what to do with me. I need the money so I asked if they were going to pay me to send me home and the answer was no. So I'm the victim and they want to send me home. I was told they were going to speak to the two people that did this. Well that was a lie because I was sent back to the area where I was harassed and those two employees were still there. Now I have to worry about bathroom breaks due to the fear of running into the girl that made me feel uncomfortable. The guy that harassed me commented on my perfume and how it was making him want me. Adecco still has not addressed the harassment. When you apply for a job at Adecco/CTDI you have to watch a video about sexual harassment in the workplace. They claim to have a zero tolerance policy regarding that. Apparently they do not enforce the policy. In another instance I was one minute late clocking in and they penalized me and docked my pay for 15 minutes. So for 15 minutes I was working and not getting paid. The Adecco staff rarely leave their offices to come out in the warehouse to see what takes place. Many people refer to the pick and fill order area or what Adecco refers to as the bulk area of the warehouse gen pop as it is like being in prison. The Allied Barton security staff treat you like you are a prisoner. Adecco/CTDI is a joke. You are on your feet for 8 hours or more on the hard concrete. If you have to go to the bathroom you basically have to ask for permission to go. They seem to keep track of your bathroom breaks and you are even told that you can't take to many. My question is do you go in your pants if you have to go to the bathroom? I've never seen a workplace like this one. The only thing I can think of is to refer to it as working in Hell. I would not recommend this workplace as a good place to work. 27 Nov 16 star

I worked for Adecco as a recruiter. I and the "manager" knew that there would be a large learning curve as I had little to no staffing experience. My fellow recruiters were for the most part were great. If I needed help the were always willing, but they have numbers to reach as well. Turning to my manager was never an option as the responses were very negative and I just got tired of being made to feel as I was stupid and the conversation always went to the training that was provided from the manager. The fact that the manager thought they provided training needed is comical. Negative comments were a commonplace from my manager which led me not to reach out to the manager for anything. The notes that got turned into the higher ups about the help provided were 99% a lie. What was being reported was only meant to cover up what was really happening. There were things I was instructed not to tell any higher up management be cause quote "they don't need to know you have no experience or any concerns I have. Any concerns needed to be directed to her ( my manager) because upper management doesn't need to know or they don't have the time to listen to every concern." I was told on day one that it will take a long time (as in years)to to figure out what works best for me. Month 2 I was expected to meet goals of a person who has years of trying. Around 4 months my numbers were not up to the goal, but they were equal to a couple recruiters who had years of experience. At the end of month five I was let go due to numbers. My manager told me that the VP of operations made this decision and there was nothing she could do, but in the same breathe she said the VP was willing to keep me on, but my manager said no. This review is not about Adecco per say, but how much lying, and backstabbing that took place by my direct manager. I am not the only person on her team that felt the same. Can you guess what happened to the other recruiters? Maybe that is why I was told not to talk to anybody that has anything to do with Adecco even upper management. I enjoyed the time I had with Adecco, but it's hard to succeed when your manager provides very little support and turn in whatever she wants to. I would recommend people to Adecco, but I don't want anybody else to go through the same thing. It crazy how the manager can make more notes and make it look like help was provided which is extremely far from the truth. 12 Mar 16 starstar half

CTDI was bad enough now throw in the two clowns managing the site for Adecco now you truly have a man made disaster on your hands. 03 Mar 16 starstarstar

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