Worst Bosses in America And Why We Love To Hate Them

worst boss in america

Everyone’s had a boss that they’ve hated.

If you don’t hate your boss, your sister hates her boss, or your best friend hates his boss.

Everyone knows it’s hard not to hate the one who has the authority!

But some bosses are worse than others, and a small minority of horrible bosses are wicked enough to earn the title of America’s worst bosses.

These supervillains go above and beyond the standard naggy, controlling manager or the boss who loves to torture his employees like ants under a magnifying glass.

To become one of America’s worst bosses is to transcend mere obnoxiousness and become the boss of nightmares.

America’s worst bosses are the ones who, even if only for a second, make you feel like maybe your own boss isn’t so bad.

And they’re not just known Disney monster Michael Eisner, either! The worst bosses in history come from all fields, from the culinary arts all the way to real estate.

So, what do America’s worst bosses look like? Here are a few examples:

1) George Pullman

George Pullman
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And American industrialist in the 19th century, Pullman constructed a town specifically for those who worked for his railroad car business.

The town contained all the necessities– shopping locations, a church, sewer lines, and even a library– but what looked like a benevolent move for his employees turned out to be nothing but a grab for money.

In 1893, he slashed his employee’s wages by a whopping 25%, but failed to lower the cost of rent in his town.

He pulled rent out of his workers’ paychecks, which left them with almost nothing to spend on food, gas and other necessities.

Unsurprisingly, his employees went on strike the following year. He was so hated that his family expressed concerns that his employees would desecrate his corpse after he died!

2) Marge Schott

Marge Schott
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Schott may take the cake for most offensive boss.

The president and CEO for the Cincinnati Reds for fifteen years (1984 to 1999), she offended and alienated her employees in droves through her repeated use of slurs directed at Asians, African Americans and the gay community.

She reportedly used bigoted, racist slang against many Reds players throughout her career, and is most known for her cruel, cold response to the fatal mid-game heart attack of an umpire in 1996– complaining that the death combined with the snow was inconvenient, and made her “feel cheated.”

Schott was suspended after suggesting that Hitler had started off with brilliant ideas and had simply gone too far. Yikes!

3) Gordon Ramsay

Gordon Ramsay
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Gordon Ramsay is the Darth Vader of the kitchen, owner of the evil empire of recipe books, restaurants and cooking shows we love to binge watch.

When he’s not busy bickering with his peers, he tears into the kitchens of less-than-great restaurants all over, ripping apart chefs’ souls and mediocre recipes like a culinary vampire draining the blood of subpar chefs for sustenance.

As much as we love watching this wannabe Disney villain on TV (he’s even got the scary British accent), five minutes’ through reveals what a terrible boss he makes.

Even if you find his vulgar, abrasive comments funny from afar, would you want him taking charge of your kitchen? No way.

(He has restaurants in America, even though he is from Britain)

4) Leona Helmsley

Leona Helmsley
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You know you’ve gone horribly wrong when you earn a title like the Queen of Mean.

Ruthless real estate and hotel powerhouse, she took control of her husband’s hotel empire and did all that she could to ensure that the hotels were absolutely flawless.

A perfectionist to the point of villainy, she kept her employees terrified with vicious criticism, zero patience, and her favorite, surprise hotel inspections.

She once said that she fired her employees after their fourth failed try at making something absolutely right. How understanding.

5) George Steinbrenner

George Steinbrenner
Licensed under Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons

Here we have another sports guy. What is it about sports that attracts egomaniacal control freaks?

George Steinbrenner proudly declared that he would serve as a hands-off, easygoing boss when he purchased the Yankees in 1973, and proved to be anything but.

He quickly got his grubby little hands into every aspect of his employees’ lives, including their facial hair (you couldn’t have a beard if you worked for him).

He’s also known for having fired practically everyone who ever worked for him.

If the team lost, the penalty was public execution– execution of his employees’ careers, that is.

Tell us about your boss!

If you have a bad boss we want to hear about it, send us a comment, or a facebook message.

Is your boss meaner than any of these nasty specimens?

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