Workplace Bullying in America

The statistics are shocking. In a recent survey by Workpace Bullying Institute 27% of US workers stated they had directly experienced some kind of abusive behavior in the workplace.

7% of this number were currently experiencing it, the other 20% had experienced it but not in the last year.

Most of the bullys were at a higher ranked job position 56%, 33% were coworkers, surprisingly 11% were bullied from someone of a lower rank, or position.

I personally have experienced workplace bullying, both directly towards me, and witnessed others been bullied. Often it is not personal – the bully may have an issue with your boss, or with the company in general and unfortunately you are the target.

Best Ways to Deal With Bullying at Work

Understand the Bully

Dictionary meaning:

A person who is habitually cruel or overbearing, especially to smaller or weaker people.

Always remember that bullying is a result of insecurity. A bully gets pleasure by bringing others down. As they are insecure in their own situation, the only way they can feel good, is by pushing others even lower. You are not the problem – they are.

Know the Signs of Bullying

Remember the bully at school? Well unfortunately not much has changed despite the bully now being “grown up”. Here are the classic signs that a typical work place bully may portray.

  • Deliberate work overloading
  • Shouting
  • Pedantic and over the top monitoring and nitpicking of ones work
  • Purposeful withholding of pertinent information
  • Deliberate exclusion of a person from conversations or meetings
  • Mean and nasty comments

Beat the Bully

Remember what you learned at schools about bullies. Never react, make sure you never let them know that they have got to you.

Make it known to their or your supervisor, senior management may already have an idea about this but have been waiting for someone to say something. If that doesn’t have any effect make sure you rate the company that hires these bullies, and doesn’t deal with them, on our site here.

The age of the workplace bully is nearly gone, communication and immediate sharing of information leaves little place for the old fashioned bullies in the world, however some companies are slow to react. Lets make sure they go the way of the dinosaur.

Workplace Bullying Video


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