What the staff had to say about the fired president of Winthrop University

jamie-williamsonLast month the Winthrop University Trustees terminated Jamie Comstock Williamson after a string of run ins and misunderstandings.

According to an article in thestate.com a number of employees of Winthrop University described how Jamie Comstock Williamson had created a terrible work environment and reportedly yelled whenever she was angry.

Now when you hold a senior management role it’s important not to act like a child, however apparently nobody told Jamie Williamson that.

Some of the surprising statements to university trustees include..

  • Williamson yelling as she moved into her new office because of not enough file folders (apparently she needed 100 but only 30 were available)
  • Employees taking large paycuts and moving to different jobs on campus just to get away from her and her raging temper
  • Screaming at workers before even officially starting in the role!
  • One employee stated she threw an object against the wall!
  • Another employee described how the angry Williamson couldn’t get through an events meeting without raising her voice, and yelling about her busy schedule
  • One statement described Jamie returning from her vacation and it was accompanied by an escalation of yelling and meanness

You can read all the actual statements on this PDF from the heraldonline.com.


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