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Do you, like 70% of American workers, go to work at the beginning of every week to a job you hate?

Maybe you are bullied at work, or perhaps just ignored.

Harassment, and abuse, is commonplace in the workplaces of America.

It happens behind closed doors. You, and so many others like you, suffer an unspoken pain.

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What Can You Do?

There is a revolution going on.

The time has come where companies that don’t treat their staff well will end up being the center of attention for all the wrong reasons.

Stories spread far and wide across the internet and social media.

Employees get fed up with mean bosses, they leave and need to be replaced.

Jobseekers do their research nowadays, they Google companies and want to find out what the company they are about to commit part of their life to is really like to work for.

That’s where we need your help. It is time to tell the untold stories.

Help us Reveal the Inner Core of Companies Across America

Do not let yourself sink quietly into the pain and depression that a horrible job can cause. Reach out to us and help spread the word.

By having more transparency we help show employers the benefits of treating their staff with the respect and fairness that they deserve.

It starts with you, and it starts with me – all of us.

The power is moving from the boardroom into the hands of the employees (we all know that employees are the real reason why companies experience success).

Tell us your story below: (Or if you just want to leave a quick employer review for your company go here)

Please share with everyone you know. A new era begins thanks to fantastic people like you.


Rob StGeorge

Co Founder of RateMyCompanyUSA.com

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