Walmart Workers Stand Up – And Why We Can’t Ignore What They Say.

As I watched the “Why Are We Standing Up?” video I started to hear common themes. Lack of respect, low wages, discrimination, favoritism and much much more.

“Because I am 52 Years old and I can’t afford my own apartment from what I am paid by Walmart”

Who owns Walmart

The Walton family owns more than half of the Walmart company and as at July 2014 were worth a combined total of 152 billion dollars. How could the Waltons, this family of billionaires, seem to turn a blind eye to the poverty and hardship their employees were working under in today’s harsh world.

Why are Walmart workers standing up to live better?

You might wonder why so many workers would be prepared to show their faces and complain to the world about their working conditions at Walmart. There are so many that have a story to tell, yet it seems there are not many that want to listen.

When a comparison was done of the top ten richest Americans vs how much they contributed to charity the Waltons show up for all the wrong reasons. i think we can all agree that the “Waltons” need to give back more to this hardworking community of workers.

waltons give nothing to charity

Walmart workers flash mob

I think we can all agree that the majority of Walmart workers are underpaid and overworked. Surely those that are billionaires can also see that, and instead of trying to make every cent count, how about showing some compassion and proving that Walmart can be one of the best places to work – not one of the worst.

If you have ever worked for Walmart and would like to submit a rating please visit our Wal-Mart page.


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