Wal-Mart vs Strikers – Round 2!

walmart-strikesThe bell has sounded for round 2 of the US Government vs Wal-Mart case where the battle continues as to whether or not Wal-Mart illegally fired striking workers.

On one side of the argument we have one of Americas largest employers, trying to do business whilst it’s staff walk off the job. Wal-Mart believe they have not done anything wrong, Steven Wheeless representing the company states.

The Supreme Court has told us that work stoppages under a scheme are not protected

The other side of the equation, from the employees, we hear a story of dissatisfied workers, struggling to live the American dream whilst earning minimum wages. One employee mentioned in the case, Colby Harris, was earning the hourly rate of $9.80 per hour. Harris tells the media..

I was fired for absenteeism

Harris states he wants his job back and legal experts say this may very well happen.

The strikes occurred when workers walked of the job pushing for better pay and benefits in 2012, the strikes continued through 2013. There were 60 workers involved in the strikes, 19 of which ended up being fired. A number of others were subjected to varying degrees of disciplinary action.

We will watch with interest as the case progresses.


Rob StGeorge
Co Founder of RateMyCompanyUSA.com

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