Target under fire from employees

Bad press doesn’t come cheap. It is always expensive, and if you as a company can avoid it, then you should. In recent days Target has been prevalent throughout the news firstly they had to deal with a major data breach, then their CEO resigned and now just when things looked like they couldn’t get any worse an unhappy employee posted a rant on the Gawkers website that not only created waves, but prompted a response from Target CMO Jeff Jones.

The employee side of the story..
The unhappy staff member talks of a company that is corrupted from the top down. Accusations of inadequate vacation time, hours of the day wasted in unnecessary meetings and many more issues are not only alluded too but elaborated upon.

There has also been plenty of discussion about a promotion structure to do with the Store Team Lead positions where if you don’t have a four year degree you will not get promoted, no matter how good you are.

The company’s response to the employee by Chief Marketing Officer Jeff Jones..
Jeff’s response is adequately titled “The truth hurts” and addresses most of the complaints in the employee rant. From Jeff’s point of view he takes note that Target have many challenges, as have many similar companies faced before. He hopes that as a company, faced with many challenges, they will be able to adapt and survive.

What’s going to happen at Target?
With senior management dropping like flies and so much talk of discontent among the ranks is it any wonder the current leaders of Target are trying to defuse any bad press out there? We will watch with interest and only time will tell whether Target can turn the sights around, and become once again the great company they used to be.

Everyone has a different perspective on things, and we want to hear from all sides of the issue. If you know what it’s like to either work at Target, or you have a management take on all this, please reach out to us and let us know your story.


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