Park Ranger Fired for Dancing?

We have seen employee’s fired for all kinds of things, reporting gas leaks, getting pregnant, refusing flu jabs and so many other random and different scenarios. This however was a first for us. A Park Ranger fired for dancing?

Some people will take offence to pretty much anything, and if you are a Park Ranger and you decide you want to get down and dirty in the car park grinding it out like a male stripper I think that most would agree that is definitely entertainment. Unfortunately though there is always that small portion of the population that has very little sense of humor. Deryl Nelson was videoed by one of these sad folk and went from entertainer (with admittedly outdated dance moves) to unemployed in less than a week.

He was fired for “Conduct unbecoming a public employee”.

Should the Park Ranger have been fired?

No – this man was giving more to the people of Tennessee than he was taking. Not only was he great at his job as a Park Ranger, he was an entertainer that although a little whacky, brought a smile to 95% of the folks he enjoyed performing in front of.

What happens now?

Ideally Deryl Nelson would like his job back, and we can only agree. As he himself states..

“Let me be myself,” Nelson said. “Let me be the ‘Dancing Park Ranger.'”


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