McDonalds Made a Budget Plan for Their Workers – You won’t believe the numbers!

It’s great that McDonalds want to help their staff make ends meet on the tiny salaries they are paid, however they obviously didn’t pay someone that knew how to add, when it came to creating this sample budget.

All that the budget really teaches, is that if you are paid a low wage, you probably can’t afford rent, food, and will likely freeze to death in winter!

McBudgeting Video

How much do McDonalds workers get paid in the USA?

From our research it appears the wages normally start at, or just above, minimum wage. In most US states that is around 8 dollars an hour. If you want to know what it is like trying to live on a McDonalds wage check out this transcript with Carman Iverson, 28, in Kansas City, MO. Carman has four kids and tells of her impossible task of trying to make ends meet.

The McDonalds “Sample” Budget



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