McDonald’s employee reports a gas leak! Would you like an McExplosion combo that includes being fired?


To say we were shocked to read this report is an understatement. McDonald’s has definitely dropped the ball on this occasion.

After finding a gas leak at the McDonald’s franchise in Lyons a diligent part-time employee reported it to supervisors. Unfortunately his supervisors did not take care of the situation, so with the well being of his fellow employees, plus the safety of the public at stake the employee decided to report the leak to Lyons Fire Department.

Whilst the restaurant was forced to shut down for the evening during the time the leak was investigated, and confirmed, the employee was fired by two supervisors.

New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman investigated this incident and came to the same conclusion that we here at have arrived at – the employee should be thanked, not fired.

Retaliation against a worker for reporting a potential danger to public safety violates state Labor Law. After the investigation the owner of the franchise agreed to pay $10,0000 in restitution to the former worker. (in lieu of reinstatement)

McDonald’s need to realize that although they employ a large number of American citizens, and do some wonderful things for various organizations both in the US and around the world, this does not put them above the law. And as this minimum wage employee discovered – much like McDonald’s famous McFlurry – revenge is a dish best served cold.


Rob StGeorge
Co Founder of

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