Is Your Job Killing You?

is your job killing you

Could your job be killing you?

This is one of the most horrifying thoughts you can have but think about it for a minute.

If your job is highly stressful and the only reason why you go in at all is to pay the bills, your job could be killing you.

Your cruel boss and impossible coworkers could be contributing to health complications that could be slowly but surely leading you towards deaths door.

According to WebMD this toxic environment could be so stressful that just going to work could be causing you to be sick.

Some of the common stressful situations at work include when you get passed over for a promotion or when you try to offer your insight only to be rejected and/or ridiculed.

Your Job Could Cause Coronary Heart Disease

This feeling of being trapped at your workplace could increase your chances of getting Coronary Heart Disease.

If this isn’t scary enough, it is a proven fact that those who consider their workplace unfair were at an even higher risk of Coronary Heart Disease.

A study conducted in Finland between 1985 and 1990 found that workers who considered their workplaces fair and with a higher level of justice were 30% less likely to develop Coronary Heart Disease.

This study indicated that those who considered their bosses fair and more open to their viewpoints were less likely to suffer Coronary Heart Disease.

This study is further endorsed by experts who say that the most stressful part of any job is feeling unappreciated.

Workers need to feel like their primary contribution in the workplace is noticed and when applicable rewarded.

The absolute truth is that often times this isn’t the case.

There are some employers who will pay attention to the psychological health of their workers but many do not.

Hence very many workers in America today are at risk of developing Coronary Heart Disease as a result of their stressful jobs.

The relationship you have with your coworkers could escalate stress levels

The relationships you have with fellow co workers could also cause your stress levels to rise.

What is more important is how you react to negative situations with co-workers or to aggressive bosses.

Your attitude is very important if you are going to keep your stress levels down but sometimes your reaction should be totally out of your hands.

It is not uncommon to find some people dreading every workday because of the relationship they have with a particular co-worker or their supervisor.

If you consider that high stress levels can cause a lot of other health problems including dependency on tobacco or alcohol, High Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol and Obesity, which is a major problem in itself, you can easily see how your workplace may be killing you slowly.

Depending on how well you handle stress it is also not uncommon for workers in these toxic workplaces to experience panic attacks, migraines and diabetes.

Diabetes is a risk factor because high stress raises the body’s glucose levels as the body prepares to respond to the threat.

When there is no actual threat, the high glucose levels could cause diabetes.

Dealing with a stressful work environment

While quitting your job may not be a viable option for many; there are certain steps you can take to ensure that you reduce the stress levels you experience while at work.

If you feel like your contribution is not being heard or appreciated, bring up this issue with your supervisors.

Often times you will find that they are simply waiting for you to take the initiative and put yourself out there.

If you are dealing with a negative, passive aggressive co-worker, try to avoid them as much as you can; only working with them when it is necessary.

When working with a coworker who is negative check your attitude.

Keep in mind that no one can make you feel what you don’t want to feel.

Their negative comments don’t have to ruin your day especially if you love your job.

Even if you are working on the same project together, do your part effectively and ignore their attitude and negativity.

In due time, your work will speak for itself and your working situation will continue to improve.

Above all, make sure that you stand up for yourself. Express your opinion about a subject or situation and you will find that your supervisor and workmates will listen to you more.


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