Fireman’s Job Goes Up in Smoke

Check out this firehouse scandal! Paramedic and Driver Edward Haberle has been fired after admitting that a small amount of marijuana found at the Pasco County Fire Rescue department belonged to him.

After more than ten years with the Department Haberle is reported to be extremely apologetic and very embarrassed. Although the amount was tiny drugs are not tolerated in Pasco County. Haberle can apply to be reinstated in his job after a stand-down period and provided a drug rehab program and drug tests are done to a satisfactory level.

Pasco County Fire Department is now looking at a drug testing program for all it’s employees as they want their firefighters to not only be the best but to be trusted by the County.

I think we can all learn from this story – even if you are fighting fires and inhaling smoke as part of your job, we strongly recommend that in the workplace it is not a good idea to be smoking drugs and we would not advise that you use County vehicles for transporting around your weed.


Rob StGeorge
Co Founder of

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