Fired for being pregnant?

pregnantHere at we keep an eye on all the latest stories about employees being fired so we can find out the real story. Imagine our surprise today when we noticed an alert come up about a lady being fired apparently due to her pregnancy? Surely this could not be the case. Don’t we live in the 21st century where there are laws and processes in place to stop this kind of injustice?

Deciding that this warranted further investigation, we looked at the stories over the last month of pregnancy related firings, these are a few of the reports that we found..

Recent cases of women fired for becoming pregnant

Woman’s suit says Ho-Ho-Kus restaurant fired her for being pregnant – Brittany Poveromo, 27 tells a story of how she was fired from her position as a restaurant assistant general manager following a few trips to the ER for what was described as minor complications.

I got fired for being pregnant: Lara Stone says she was axed for modelling job – Lara Stone claims she was fired for being to fat – just 3 months into her pregnancy – she describes humiliating meetings regarding her growing size with a client.

School staffer fired for being pregnant – Brooklyn Law School came under fire recently amid reports they fired Meda Bitterman after a vicious outburst from her boss Sarah Rau. According to reports Rau blasted “entitled” mothers around the office and did everything except actually ask Rau to resign.

What does the law say about firing pregnant women?

Fortunately for those that are lucky enough to become pregnant Americans are protected by both State and Federal laws. Any discrimination due to the fact that you are pregnant directly violates the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

What do you think of this? Should an employer be allowed to fire an employee simply for becoming pregnant? We don’t think so – but what about you?

Our view of pregnant employees

We don’t think that getting pregnant should in anyway reflect on either the job you are doing now – nor the job you will do in the future. With technology as it is today, old school ideals and thoughts need to be replaced with the reality of the present day. More can be accomplished in less time by fewer people – whether you are pregnant or not!


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