Excuses To Get Out Of Work That Won’t Let You Down

Excuses To Get Out Off Work

Most employees have at some stage or another needed either half a day, or a day, off work.

This article gives you ready to use excuses to get out of work!

Personally I would never condone lying to your employer, however just in case you decide you need to (I assume for a very good reason) here are some excuses you can use.

Excuses To Get Out Of Work That You Can Use Without Telling A Lie

As mentioned I hate lying with a passion. So a couple of times in the past I have managed to tell the truth, yet with a different angle on it, that could be construed another way.

1./ I need to sort out some financial issues

This is a handy excuse to use when you need time off for a job interview. Because the job you are going for probably pays more than the one you have, you are not lying.

2./ I feel sick to the stomach and need some time off to get myself well again.

Its pretty easy to feel sick in the stomach, if you are having a day for anything that makes you slightly nervous you can use this excuse.

Even if you are not feeling sick now, just eat a bunch of fruit and sooner or later you will be feeling a bit sick in the stomach.

Excuses That Involve A White Lie

If you are unable, or unwilling to use any of the above, you may need to tell a little white lie. You won’t be the first person to do this, nor the last.

Remember you are more convincing when there is an element of truth in what you are saying. So if you can, try to wrap some truth into what you are saying to your boss.

3./ My Pet is sick

Sick animal
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Make sure that you do have a pet if you use this excuse…

So whilst you are out taking care of your other business do actually call into the vet as maybe you need to take poor doggy to the vet for a shot, or to pick up some flea treatment.

This makes for a much more convincing story the next day.

4./ Food poisoning
This is a great one, you must have eaten something dodgy last night, and are now suffering the effects of food poisoning.

5./ Dental emergency
Could be an unbearable tooth pain, or a cracked crown.

6./ Lock problems with front door of your house
No one can safely leave their house unlocked in this day and age, of course you will have to wait for the locksmith to come and sort it out!

7./ I put my back out
A classic and proven excuse that won’t get too many questions.

8./ Car problems
This is one of those excuses to get out of work that you can use a couple of times over the course of your employment, but don’t overdo it.

9./ Burst pipe
Who could go to work if they had a burst pipe with water leaking everywhere? No one right, that’s why you can use this as a one time, fantastic excuse.

10./ Womens problems (Female excuse only)
It is not often said that women have any kind of advantage in the workplace, however when it comes to having a day off there is nothing like the declaration of women’s problems, or menstrual cramps to ensure any male boss will be offering the utmost encouragement, for you to stay at home.

11./ Elderly Neighbor taken a fall
All of us have a soft spot for the elderly, and if your neighbor has taken a fall, it is your duty to help them out and aid them on their visit to the doctor.

12./ School appointment
If you have kids, you can use this one on the odd occasion. It might not work for a full day off, but definitely an afternoon or morning.

Tips For Taking A Day Off Work

Remember you don’t want to get caught out, you could lose your job if you do..so be very very careful.

In extreme cases you could even end up in jail! You might think how could I end up in jail just for having a day off work? But it can happen.

If you go forging medical documents, or making up too much of a tall story it could be called fraud and you could end up doing time.


  • Don’t forge medical documents
  • Stay off social media
  • If possible stay indoors
  • Don’t brag to anyone about how you scammed a day off


If you want to be a good employee don’t tell lies and slack off from work.

However.. if the need is great hopefully you will find some, or all of the above excuses helpful in order to get off work.

If you have any more that you think are worthwhile additions to the list, please let us know by way of a comment, and we will add them to the post.


Rob StGeorge

Co Founder of RateMyCompanyUSA.com

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