Burger King Employee Fired! – Would you like a razor blade with your salad?

Jennifer Ashley thought she was choosing the healthy option when she purchased a salad from Burger King in Flagstaff however that was not to be the case. Imagine her horror when she found a razor blade in it.

According to abc15.com and a statement from Burger King on Thursday evening this was an accident and an isolated incident.

Previous Burger King Razor Blade Incidents

Imagine our surprise however when we did a little research and found that this is not the first time a razor blade has been found in a Burger King Salad!

Barely a year ago, on the 12 June in Willits, California Yolanda Orozco was trying to figure out whether or not her sandwich had onions or not and came across a razor blade between the meat and cheese.

Police whom visited the Willits Burger King found razor blades in several different areas as apparently they are used for cleaning. The whole incident was determined an accident, much like the one that just happened.

Here at RateMyCompanyUSA.com we believe that razor blades have no place in the fast food industry, surely there is an alternative that can be used that is not likely to end up your burger and won’t cause some absent minded worker to be fired.


Rob StGeorge
Co Founder of RateMyCompanyUSA.com

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