Bank Teller Fired! For saying “Have a blessed day”?

neaceOnce again we were surprised to read about an employee being fired for seemingly little or no reason, however we suspect there is more to this story than the eye catching headline suggests.

The employee’s side of the story

Polly Neace from Kentucky tells us a story about her work as a bank teller, every day she says the words “Have a blessed day” to her customers after dealing with their banking requirements thinking that why would they want to have any other kind of day?

Neace states that customers never complained.

U.S Bank say..

The bank tell’s a slight different story. This is a story where the employee asks bank customers to accept the lord Jesus as their saviour. This, according to the bank, breaks the high ethical standards U.S Bank has in place for all it’s employees.

Neace herself admits that she was reprimanded however despite repeated warnings continued with the phrase.

Neace has filed a lawsuit against U.S. Bank, claiming she was “discriminated against for exercising her religious freedoms.”

“I can’t back down from this,” Neace said. “It’s the principle behind everything.”

We watch this case with interest. You can view the lawsuit submission here.


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