7 Warning Signs You Are About To Be Fired

your-firedBeing fired is seldom a pleasant experience yet it happens hundreds of times a day all around America. Firings can come completely out of the blue, however workers that have been fired often talk about how they knew the writing was on the wall. Here are some signs that can be warnings that you are about to get fired from your job.

When your boss starts spending extra time with you
When it comes to the employee/boss relationship less is more. This means that the less time the boss needs to spend with you, the more likely that you are a valued and useful employee. If the boss starts spending more time hovering around your desk than sitting at his/her own, then you could well be in line to be fired.

When management start asking how you “feel” about your job
If your manager is asking you how you feel about your job, there is a good chance they are feeling like getting rid of you altogether. There is an opportunity here though to talk with your boss about how you do feel about your job and see if you can have a constructive discussion about how to make things better going forwards.

Your work starts coming under the microscope
Often when you are in the line to get fired your boss will need to make sure that he or she has plenty of justification. Your work will suddenly be getting criticized and talked about. If a sudden shift in this type of behavior takes place, be warned you may soon be looking for a new job.

Less and less work is sent your way
In preparation for getting rid of you the workload that you currently do will need to be allocated to other people. If you suddenly find that although the work still seems to be there for others, however it is no longer coming your way you could be well on your way out the door.

You stop getting invited to meetings
Once you are on the outer it is always difficult to claw your way back into the circle of trust. Once you start to become excluded from meetings and events that you used to be part of, the chances are high that your career with the company you work for, is drawing to a close.

You are asked to take a holiday
There are times when this can be a legitimate request however more often than not a valued employee is required around the office. If you boss tells you its time to take a holiday, you could soon be on a longer break than you ever expected.

You make a MAJOR mistake
Most employers are pretty forgiving, and mistakes are made every day. However, if you make a major mistake, you could well be heading for a short, sharp meeting with management that results in you packing up your desk and ending up in the unemployment queue.

At the end of the day if the company you work for wants to get rid of you, they will probably figure out how to do it, or make your life so difficult that you find your own way out the door. What you can do is find yourself another job, but make sure you rate them on our site, so other potential employees know exactly what it’s like to work for them.


Rob StGeorge
Co Founder of RateMyCompanyUSA.com

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