10 Worst Companies To Work for In the USA

evilcityMost people have a good or bad work story to tell, and here at Rate My Company we provide the portal to tell those stories.

We have uncovered mean bosses, discovered companies that are fantastic to work for and advised thousands of job seekers about good and bad places to work.

While collecting this data we have been able to identify what you, the American working public, have rated to be the worst companies in the USA to work for. Here is that list as at 6 July 2014.

Ten Worse Employers in America

1. RMC Research Corporation
2. Accessory Power
3. CNF Inc.
4. Keymind
5. W.R. Berkley Corporation
6. Constellation Brands Inc.
7. Linens `n Things Inc.
8. Sun Healthcare Group Inc.
9. Cadence Design Systems Inc.
10. Tribune Company

Do you work for one of these companies and disagree? If so you should get rating now and boost them off this list. Or maybe you agree and want them to stay there – make sure of that by rating them today.

In the past employers were able to hide behind the shrouds of secrecy as they bullied, manipulated and harassed their poor employees, now however with the outbreak of social media, and rating sites such as this one there is much more awareness around workplace environments, cultures and practices. If someone gets fired for a reason that is unjust or unfair, the world hears about it within days if not hours.


Rob StGeorge
Co Founder of RateMyCompanyUSA.com

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