Why United Airlines Retirees Are Frustrated And Angry

A number of people reached out to us after reading our article about American Airlines and pointed out that other airlines had similar issues. One of those people was Julia, a retired United Airlines employee. “United Airlines has done exactly the same thing to its employees.” Julia said. “After 36 years I spent working for…

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Workplace Bullying – Where to Get Help Fast When There Is Nowhere Else to Turn

Bullying in the workplace happens more often than what a lot of people realize. A 1% bullying rate would be too much. The reality is that nearly 1/3 of American workers state that they have experienced some form of intimidation on the job. We went and asked those that had first hand experience with workplace…

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We Want Your Story – Tell Us About Your Company

Do you, like 70% of American workers, go to work at the beginning of every week to a job you hate? Maybe you are bullied at work, or perhaps just ignored. Harassment, and abuse, is commonplace in the workplaces of America. It happens behind closed doors. You, and so many others like you, suffer an…

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Where did American Airlines go Wrong? – Why the Flight Attendants of this Once Iconic Airline have had Enough

Jackie began her career with American Airlines back in the 1970’s. She is part of a large group of flight staff that have committed their entire working lives to this airline. Big problem though – this loyal employee is very unhappy and she is not alone. At this point in time I believe the working…

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How to Find a Job that Fits Your Personality – You Don’t Want To Get It Wrong!

best job for personality

Its a proven fact that the majority of Americans are stuck in a job they don’t like. Being in a job that doesn’t suit your personality type is a little bit like being in prison for a crime that you didn’t commit. Let’s face it, we weren’t all made the same way. Our uniqueness is…

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Worst Bosses in America And Why We Love To Hate Them

worst boss in america

Everyone’s had a boss that they’ve hated. If you don’t hate your boss, your sister hates her boss, or your best friend hates his boss. Everyone knows it’s hard not to hate the one who has the authority! But some bosses are worse than others, and a small minority of horrible bosses are wicked enough…

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Micromanaging Manager: How to Wrangle Your Controlling Boss


No matter your profession or your pay level, if you’ve been working for a living, you’ve probably encountered at least one overbearing, micromanaging boss. I’m not talking about someone who wants all hands on deck or holds you accountable. I’m talking about the manager who waves a clipboard about like a sadistic high school P.E….

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7 Workplace Rules That Annoy Employees

workplace rules

An increasing number of workers have to face the harsh reality of working under ridiculous and stupid workplace rules. Such rules are not only irrelevant but also alienate the worker from the employer. Funnily enough, some companies continue to implement such rules despite numerous studies done, and ever increasing complaints from workers. In some cases,…

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