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Wagner Consulting LLC

Wagner Consulting LLC - " Alright, thanks for all the work and experience!"....

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MOJITO Maintenance Inc (MMi)

MOJITO Maintenance Inc (MMi) - "I love working for Mojito Maintenance! The schedule is as described when I was hired, the pay is based on merit/performance and the management has always been attentive. I would recommend this company to a friend for sure!"....

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PNC Bank

PNC Bank - "PNC positions itself to appear more ethical and balanced than other large banks, but deep down they are the same as the others. The Mgmt is overloaded and uninformed so it all trickles down to the branch staff. Cuts in"....

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American Airlines

Where did American Airlines go Wrong? – Why the Flight Attendants of this Once Iconic Airline have had Enough

Jackie began her career with American Airlines back in the 1970’s. She is part of a large group of flight staff that have committed their entire working lives to this airline.... …

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Worst Boss In America

How to Find a Job that Fits Your Personality – You Don’t Want To Get It Wrong!

Being in a job that doesn’t suit your personality type is a little bit like being in prison for a crime that you didn’t commit.... …

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discrimination in the workplace

How to Tell Your Boss You are Pregnant

You’ve got a bun in the oven, a pea in the pod, and no matter how excited you may be, the thought of telling your boss fills you with pure, unadulterated terror.... …

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